Canciones que te hacen sentir Chingona

Selena is the “reyna de la kumbia” and a big role model for many Mexican-American womxn. She is admired by many because she was one of the first muxer singer that was able to crossover into the American mainstream showbiz. Along with her music she stood out because of her fashion sense, love for her Latinx community, and extensive philanthropy. This song will inspire you to break barriers and shatter glass ceilings with a Latinx flair.

Becky G from the block is of Mexican decent and grew up in California. She knew she wanted to sing at a very young age and worked hard to accomplish her goals. Becky became a member of girl bands and grew her career from there. She is an inspiration to womxn who are willing to do what it takes to achieve their dreams.

Paulina Rubio is a Mexican singer, model, and business muxer. She is a super sexy pop star who has been in the farándula since age five. Paulina was a member of the famous Timbiriche group in Mexico. Her songs lay down the law to those men who think that womxn have to fulfill the stereotypical role.

Gloria Trevi, also know as “La Trevi”, is a Mexican singer who has had her share of controversies. She is also referred to as the Mexican Madonna. The reason I added her song is because I used to listen to it ever since I was a teenager and was oblivious to the accusations against her. The whole song just makes you feel extra rebellious and move your hair like you just don’t care.

Leave a comment with the song or songs that make you feel like a total baddie.

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