A Little Taste of Life

My name is Elisa Huapilla Perez. I am not married. I use my father’s and mother’s surname and I plan to keep it that way. Currently, I reside in Immokalee, which is a small town in South Florida. It is a mostly agricultural community with a majority Latinx population. Particularly, Latinx of Mexican heritage. I am Mexican American, born in Maryland. My parents are from Hidalgo a state located in the central valley of Mexico. Both of my parents work in the tomato fields between Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. As a young child, I use to work alongside them, thankfully I was able to graduate from college.

I attended Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL. I got my bachelor’s degree in English Literature. My plans are to go back to school, hopefully this upcoming fall. I teach English at an all girls school in Immokalee. I also tutor children in the foster care system.

Despite teaching full time and tutoring, I find time to be an active volunteer in my community. I focus on immigrant rights yet I care about progressive issues in general. I believe that we can work together on issues that protect the human rights of every individual especially those who are marginalized.

Recently, I got engaged to my long time boyfriend. We have been on and off for the past seven years but we have decided to tie the knot. Honestly, the engagement came as a surprise to me. We were promenading through the floating gardens of Xochimilco when he decided to pop the question. I loved that he serenaded me with Mariachis and ordered delicious food. I couldn’t say no.

La Basilica de Guadalupe
Sobre el Cerro del Tepeyac y la Basilica de Guadalupe en la Cuidad de Mexico
Near the hill of Tepeyac at the Basilica de Guadalupe in Mexico City